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Dear Rondout Families, 

Faculty and Staff, Late yesterday, an Illinois judge ruled on a lawsuit filed by parents in over 150 school districts in the state that challenged state mandated COVID mitigations. While Rondout was not named in the suit, we are in the process of reviewing the implications of the decision on our district established COVID19 protocols. At this time we will continue to utilize the COVID19 mitigation protocols we have in place to provide the safeguards against COVID19 transmission within our educational setting for students and staff. I will keep you posted on any developments that may impact our district and appreciate your patience as this decision is reviewed. This ruling is complex and legal teams across the state are working on understanding its implications for all of us in Illinois schools. Thank you for your continued support of our students, faculty, and staff. Your compliance with the district mitigations we have in place have allowed us to maintain in-person learning for these past two years with minimal interruptions. Together we have met the challenges of putting student safety and learning first during our COVID19 journey. Those priorities will continue to be at the heart of our practices. Please be assured that we will be providing you with updates as they become available. 

Sincerely, Dr. Jenny Wojcik