Note to Prospective Parents

Dear Prospective District Resident,

Where we make our home is one of life’s significant decisions.  There are certainly many factors which impact that important decision and the quality of the area schools is a driver in the value equation of the selection process.  As you explore housing within our district, keep in mind that Rondout School District 72 serves students in grades K-8 while Community High School District #128 is the area’s public high school district.  Together they create a strong educational pathway for students from grades K through 12.  In addition, Rondout provides services to pre-kindergarten students with special needs, supports screening and evaluations for eligible pre-k students and has strong connections with Early Intervention service providers for children under the age of three.


Rondout School District 72 has a rich history within the community tracing its roots back to 1864 when it served about 60 farm families in the area.  Fiscally sound, educationally strong and responsive to the needs of its students and families, Rondout has become an educational destination providing a personalized educational experience grounded in its commitment to excellence.  


As Rondout’s superintendent, I am proud of the unique and individualized educational programs provided by our cadre of experienced, innovative and dedicated professionals.  Along with the support and stewardship of a dynamic and invested Board of Education and engaged and involved parents, Rondout continues to thrive.  


It goes without saying that finding the right location for your new home generates many questions. I would be happy to be of assistance in addressing your questions related to our school district.  Please feel free to contact me via phone (847-362-2021 ext. 601) or via email at to learn more about Rondout.  Scheduling a conversation or a tour of our school at a mutually convenient time is the best way for you to get the information you need while making this important decision. Please do not hesitate to reach out for more information about the school district, district boundaries or program information.

Best regards,


Dr. Jenny T. Wojcik