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Join in the fun with other students and families around the world to celebrate Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code! Rondout Elementary students will participate along with almost 23 million students in 180+ countries around the world in Hour of Code activities. This year Computer Science Education Week is celebrated December 7-13, 2020. Computer Science Education week is held annually in recognition of the birthday of computer science pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (born December 9, 1906).

This is a great opportunity to spend some time with your child in fun, challenging coding activities. The best place to start is to go to There you will find coding activities for children from elementary school to college and beyond. Most elementary activities do not require any prior programming experience. At Rondout we do coding activities during the year in classrooms and have done coding in our after-school Tech Stars program.

If you child is interested in expanding their coding knowledge, offers longer online courses for students in elementary grades through high school. You can find them at

Rondout students will be exploring activities in Kodable in their library classes during December. Here are some links and a participation guide for you to use with Kodable:

For log in:

For hour of code:

Hour of Code Participation guide.  Hour of Code with Kodable.   December 7-13,2020.  The hour of code is a global movement introducing millions of students to computer science.  Follow these steps to try an hour of code with kodable.  1.  Plan where and how- computers are optional. Use an ios device-Download the app from the ios app store.  Use a web browser  Go unplugged- Some activities are tech free.  2.  Access Kodable.  Step 1.  Open Kodable.  Use the ios app from the app store, or the web at  step 2.  Log in.  Students click "school profile" and use your class code. Step 3.  Click the hour of code hut on Fuzztopia (this is a hut with hour of code as the  sign).  Step 4) Select an activity as instructed by your teacher.  3.  Code.  Celebrate the hour of code.  When the hour is up, get a certificate from your teacher in recognition of your hard work.  4.  Keep the learning going.  In honor of the hour of code, we're challenging all kodable home members to a game of bingo and giving away some cool kodable prizes!  Learn more:


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Resources for classroom Hour of Code activities and Tech Stars:

Tech Stars

(start at lesson 8)


Dance Party

Pirate Plunder

Grades 4 - 8:

Hour of Code Activities

Dance Party

Pirate Plunder



Course 3 - Plants vs. Zombies & Other Interesting Coding Challenges