Mission Statement

picture of the School building.

Rondout School District 72 Board of Education

Mission and Vision


We are an independent public school district providing a well-rounded education to prepare students to be responsible, productive citizens.


To be an innovative leader in education by empowering students to reach their maximum potential, embrace change, value differences and collaborate with others in a changing world.

We believe...

in the Rondout Way: respect, responsibility, honesty and kindness throughout our day.

the school is an integral part of the community and its our obligation to use our resources to best serve the community.

early education is the foundation for lifelong learning as students prepare for high school and beyond.

education should focus on the whole child-academics, life skills, and the arts.

education should be engaging and fuel a passion for learning.

education is most successful as an equal partnership between students, faculty and parents where all share accountability.

students should develop the skills to learn, think, evaluate and problem solve.

in preparing our students to be participants of a global society who embrace change, value differences, and collaborate with others.

in individualized learning where all students can reach their full potential.

in leveraging innovation for continuous growth and the pursuit of excellence in all our endeavors.

the school, staff, facilities, resources, programs, students, parents, and community are all part of the educational eco-system and must be thought of, planned, managed, and measured holistically.