Notice to Parents regarding Physical Restraint, Time Out, and Isolated Time Out

Excerpt from Board of Education Policy 7:190 Discipline

“Isolated Time Out, Time Out, and Physical Restraint Isolated time out, time out, and physical restraint shall not be utilized within the Districts buildings.

In limited circumstances, outplacements serving District students may utilize these interventions based on their own policies and procedures. In no event shall isolated time out, time out, or physical restraint be used to discipline or punish a student. In outplacements, these methods are only authorized for use as permitted in 105 ILCS 5/10-20.33, State Board of Education rules (23 Ill.Admin.Code §§ 1.280, 1.285), and the procedure(s) of that particular facility. When the District's therapeutic day school and residential school partners utilize these interventions for District students, the student's parents/guardians and the Illinois State Board of Education will be informed consistent with the Illinois School Code and its implementing rules.”

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