Dr. Jenny Wojcik - Superintendent



Greetings Rondout Families and Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you back to a new school year. The year ahead is filled with promise as we focus on our theme of supporting the whole child while “Growing Hearts and Minds.”

Providing a well-rounded experience is our goal at Rondout. The emphasis on academic skills, life skills and the arts empowers students to experience and achieve life success.

With a strong program that considers the needs of the whole child, Rondout is able to personalize each child’s experience as they prepare for life in a rapidly changing world. Teaching content is no longer enough to prepare students for life success. Cultivating students’ creativity, problem solving and imagination are key drivers in our work with children each day. Through your on-going feedback and engagement, your partnership as parents continues to be an essential component in the educational equation.

Our veteran faculty and staff are on a journey of continuous reflection and professional development. We integrate the latest research and educational knowledge to guide our practice. The research on best practices in the academic content areas coupled with recent neuroscientific discoveries regarding cognition, mindsets and executive functioning is used to keep our educational program relevant, challenging and strong.

We look forward to a fabulous year of learning strengthened by the healthy partnership between home and school allowing us to support the “growing hearts and minds” of our students. We invite you to stay in touch, keep involved and join us on our learning journey this year.

Best regards,

Dr. Jenny Wojcik